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JuJue Total Health Bar

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Evergreen - Cold Pressed Greens

  • Main Benefit: Red Blood Cells, Detox
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Values are per serving of 300ml

Vitamins & Minerals

Nutrient Value %DV*
Vitamin A: 698µg 77.56
Vitamin C: 139.3mg 154.78
Vitamin B-6: 0.583mg 44.85
Vitamin E: 14.78
Vitamin K: 852µg 710.50
Folate 178µg 44.50
Riboflavin 0.321mg 24.69
Niacin 2.018mg 12.61
Thiamin 0.321mg 12.25
Iron: 3.18mg 39.75
Calcium: 257mg 25.70
Magnesium: 73mg 17.38
Phosphorus: 164mg 23.43
Potassium: 1208mg 25.70
Sodium: 146mg 25.70
Copper: 1.378mg 153.11
Sugars 3.91g 4.88

Values are indicative only and may vary, depending on produce and season, etc. and due to the fact all ingredients are pure & live 100% produce, untreated or prepared for longer shelflife, which would only defeat the purpose of the JuJue Nutrition Booster Drinks

Reccommened Daily Intake *(%DV) depends not least on individual cirumstances. For more info visit my Health Coach website or the official website of the Australian Food-Standards.

Raw Food Handling & Delivery Notice

Our Juices are 100% Raw and Pure Produce, free from any additives, preservatives or added sugar, etc. This gives JuJue the market lead in quality & nutrition value. JuJue isn’t interested in filling your storage shelves but feeding your gut, your immune system, your blood and your entire metabolism with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and thus hopefully contribute towards an overall better wellbeing of yours. Freshness = Quality, a simple, fix equation!

If you order any JuJue drink, or raw food item which require refrigerated (or frozen, check the storage badge attached to the product) shipping, these items need to be shipped, safely packed in an icepack-box. An initial surcharge of AUD 6.00 applies for each Icepack-box which will be credited back to your next deliver after you return the icepack, wherever possible.

Also note that, since icepack-box deliveries require fast, overnight shipping, we are current limited to servicing following areas only; The greater Sydney Area (+/- 50km radius with adjacent areas like the Lower Blue Mountains, Lower Central Coast and Wollongong. In case you are outside these areas and wish to order, kindly get in touch so that we can work something out.


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Stay deadly Healthy


Start your morning perfectly healthy with this incredible Greens Health Drink. 100% pure plant based and cold pressed, it delivers the most intensified nutrition to help you stock up and balance your daily nutrition needs.

Are you still clinching on to the wide-spread coffee morning ritual? I was too, you know, until I allowed myself to break free and care for my health rather then being "Cool". I guess the best you could do for yourself is watch the attache video and check out my Greens Blogs - with an open mind.

BTW, did you know that Coffee clogs and fools your mind? ヅ
Plants, Herbs, Micro Greens & Superfoods Kindly find the description for the Evergreen Juice, above. Ingredients for this "LINUJ" ™, within the 'DESCRIPTION' tab, together with other information. Note: Ingredients listed for this juice may vary and/or replaced by substitutes, depending on produce availability, etc.
Nuts & Seeds Copper 0.262mg Magnesium 60mg Phosphorus 1167mg Selenium 1.5ug Zink 1.02mg
Macro Nutrition
Carbs, Fats, Proteins Nutritional values reflecting Macro Nutrients of our cold pressed juice "Evergreen" are attached as label-image. Kindly check the product gallery to view its nutrition label.
Micro Nutrition
Vitamins & Minerals We have put together a comprehensive list of micro nutrients to provide you with an in depth information on nutritional benefits of our Queen of the Greens juice, the "Queen Evergreen" . Kindly check the product gallery to view its nutrition label. Please Note: ... This, as all our other, 100% plant based and raw products, is a 100% natural, perishable product and produce used for will always vary in its nutritional values. Hence, nutritional values attached can only be considered a random value and never a 100% accurate.

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