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JuJue Total Health Bar

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Dairy Free & Raw Cheese

Dairy Free & Raw Cheese

Casjubert plant-based, raw camembert cousing

Some people call them "Loveboards"
used, for celebrating a romantic date night at home.
Arranged beautifully with
pepperoncino, pickled asparagus, olives and love fruits,
strewn with an assortment of finest cheeses,
you're all to indulge and seduce your lover.

If you love cheese; dairy or not, vegan or not, you will totally fall in love with JuJue range of; Raw, Plant-Based Cheeses

You'd be the greatest fool among all if you don't give JuJue a try.

Ballegga - Raw, Plant-based cousin of Parmesan

Ballegga - coming soon

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Casjubert camembert

 Raw Cashew Nuts   Water   Salt   Cheese Cultures   Plant Fats   Activated Charcoal   Probiotics   Prebiotics  Hi there, my name..

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