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JuJue Total Health Bar

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Product Returns

Please carefully read our return policy since returns are very limited dur to the nature of ray products.
Thank you.


JuJue products are natural, raw and generally Not In Stock, except products like mustards, cheeses, etc. (which include it’s own, natural stabilisers), which means; ‘Every order is literally processed, not by picking the product from the warehouse, then packed and shipped but by literally 'producing the product' upon orders received.

Why is that so?

Simply because you get the freshest and most nutritious product you can buy on the market. JuJue products don’t include preservatives; stabilisers, taste enhancers, colourings, or anything alike, you name it. Whatever you read on labels of products you pick off your SUPERmarket shelf, you won't find these chemicals in a JuJue. Hence, our products are limited when it comes to shelf-life and live short, so you can live longer, healthier.

Does that make sense so far?

For that reason

...we are unable to take any product and place it back onto the shelf to wait for another buy. For that reason, we just simply can't afford to accept returns because you decided otherwise after your purchase.

Does it still make sense?

By all fairness, OK, things can go wrong, like: Wrong product received (we will check with your order) or, wait, that would be pretty much it. In that case we will sure replace it with your next order.

Should you have any concerns or be in doubt of anything, all you really need to do is reach out and talk to us. Fair?

Did you notice the 3 direct contact buttons at the bottom of your mobile device?

This is your easiest, fastest way to direct communicate with JuJue!


Stay deadly healthy