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4-Days Juice Cleanse

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Raw Food Handling & Delivery Notice

Our Juices are 100% Raw and Pure Produce, free from any additives, preservatives or added sugar, etc. This gives JuJue the market lead in quality & nutrition value. JuJue isn’t interested in filling your storage shelves but feeding your gut, your immune system, your blood and your entire metabolism with nutrients, vitamins and minerals and thus hopefully contribute towards an overall better wellbeing of yours. Freshness = Quality, a simple, fix equation!

If you order any JuJue drink, or raw food item which require refrigerated (or frozen, check the storage badge attached to the product) shipping, these items need to be shipped, safely packed in an icepack-box. An initial surcharge of AUD 6.00 applies for each Icepack-box which will be credited back to your next deliver after you return the icepack, wherever possible.

Also note that, since icepack-box deliveries require fast, overnight shipping, we are current limited to servicing following areas only; The greater Sydney Area (+/- 50km radius with adjacent areas like the Lower Blue Mountains, Lower Central Coast and Wollongong. In case you are outside these areas and wish to order, kindly get in touch so that we can work something out.


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Stay deadly Healthy

Juice Cleanse and Detox

The myth, the fab, the great misunderstood, the wrong approached.

Yet and despite of what they say, I healed myself.

I needed to because the Experts can’t help me.

To gain maximum benefits from a Juice Cleanse, you need to do it 3 times a year!

Aged 62, I feel younger with every Cleanse I do, three times a year now. If you’re younger, you’re lucky. You don't have to wait that long as I ded and if you’re my age or even older, great News. Age is just a number and you still have a life to live, too.

JuJue Juice Cleanses RebootCamps are available for 4 days, up. If you're looking for a quick detox, hit on over to the JuJue Juice detox programs.

If you want to stay atop of your health and youth, stay longer, enjoy more, then you better book yourself a JuJue RebootCamp.

What's in my Juice Cleanse?
Juice Cleanse Ingredients A - 3 or 4 420ml Greens Juices (select at checkout) B - 2 420ml (or 1, depending on #A) Superfoods Lemonades C - 1 420ml Gut-Juice D - 2 300ml Meal Replacement Smoothies E - Emergency snack pack (in case you do struggle keeping your food cravings check-mate.
Juice Cleanse Package 1 - Juice Cleanse diary 2 - Juice Cleanse instructions / timetable 3 - 2/3-days supply

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