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JuJue Total Health Bar

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JuJue Raw Food Kitchen

JuJue Raw Food Kitchen

Raw, Plant-Based, Natural & Fresh

JuJue Raw-Food Kitchen is the first Australian food supplier which is:

  1. 100% Raw
  2. 100% Dairy Free
  3. 100% Cruelty Free
  4. 100% lots of other things

Go, check out our Blog on "Plant-Based Raw Foods" and why we chose to take this route in Whole-Foods!

Browse our Raw-Food products by selecting some of the thumbnails below and don't forget to order!

BTW, Yes, JuJue does provide catering. Check our 5-courses set-menu we did for some corporate functions down in Barangaroo/Sydney.


Casjubert camembert

 Raw Cashew Nuts   Water   Salt   Cheese Cultures   Plant Fats   Activated Charcoal   Probiotics   Prebiotics  Hi there, my name..

$AU 14.85

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