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JuJue Total Health Bar

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Shipping & Delivery

We currently service only certain areas within NSW. This is simply due to the fact that our products are perishable and need refrigerated, overnight shipment. Therefore, kindly refer to the below listed servicing areas to ascertain we have your area covered. In case you live outside of any these areas but wish JuJue to deliver to your area, please get in touch with us as we always look for expansion possibilities.

Delivery Options:

Our products are fresh, of highest nutritional values and 100% preservative free and thus, may need some time to be ready to prepare for shipment. When you order, please take explicit note on the available delivery option, outlined on the product page.
Delivery Options are:

  • On Backorder: You place the order, product already in production and once completed, we deliver.
  • On Order: You place the order, JuJue will start cooking and when finish, deliver.
  • Immediate: You place the order, JuJue will pack (within 24hrs) and schedule delivery.

Shipping Options:

Have a small order and want to save shipping costs? Great. Check your options below:

  • Private: You order, JuJue delivers to your door (most likely while you're in you're in your dreams).
  • Pick-Up: You order, JuJue delivers to a pickup location near you from where you can pick it up and enjoy.

Hey, having said that. We're always on the lookout for someone interested in becoming a JuJue Pick-Up Location. Is that you?

Definitely. Fill me in